In hurricane Irma ,I suffered substantial damage to my property. I made the mistake of filing the claim on my own. The insurance company promptly settled the case for pennies on the dollar barely enough to buy materials to replace what was damaged. 

I then went to David Ward (Rhino Insurance Claims Solutions ) for help, he was very professional, reassessed the damage and filed a claim in my behalf coma, after long bottle with the insurance company, he was able to recover more than three times the  amount of the original settlement. It was enough to replace my roof and other structures damaged or lost around the property. David never asked me for anything until my claim was settled and I was able to collect. I highly appreciated his effort and recommend his service, because of his professionalism and integrity. 

Carlos Mederos 

Good afternoon David;

 On behalf of my family and myself, we’d like to extend our sincerest thanks and appreciation, for assisting us with our Hurricane Irma claim for our house in Tavernier.

 The amount that was originally offered by Citizens ($18,000.00), was a fraction of what the cost of the repairs.

Your tenacity and hard work on our behalf, netted us an additional $64,000.00 for the repairs to our property.

Your utmost professionalism and dedication to what you do is sincerely appreciated, and both my family and myself would not hesitate recommending you to someone else that has a similar situation as ours.

Best Regards,
Ivan Burgos 

Dave, The Rhino. Good Afternoon, 

We just wanted to say thank you so very much for your professionalism, your time, and the support you gave us with our insurance claim after Hurricane Irma. As you know, our home suffered significant damage during the storm and as a result we were forced to file a claim. Unfortunately, the insurance company only wanted to pay us the bare minimum for our losses, which according to local contractors, did not equal the cost of repairs. It was a long road of denials and appeals and as homeowners we were caught in the middle of an insurance claim nightmare. Our home was in shambles, the insurance company would no longer communicate with us and we did not know what else to do. Then we found you, The Rhino. 

Upon our first meeting, you were so knowledgeable and professional. You educated us on our rights and explained the process of refilling our claim and what you could do to help us. You demanded the insurance company to correspond and ultimately got us paid for the repairs. You told us exactly what needed to be done, assisted us with every step and accomplished it in a timely manner. For the first time, we felt that we finally had someone on our side with a superior level of expertise in the field. 

It was such a pleasure working with you and I highly recommend your services to others. Thank you for your dedication to our case, we so greatly appreciate it. We give you ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Five Stars! 

T.K. Yancey 

Mr. David Ward, of Rhino Insurance Claim Solutions, did an excellent job in procuring the maximum liability coverage amounts for me from Citizens Wind Insurance Company for damages to my home following Hurricane Irma in 2017. This included 100% of the “Dwelling” and “Loss of Use” amounts under “Property Coverage’s”, and also 100% of the “Ordinance of Law” amount (25% of the Dwelling amount) under “Other Coverage’s”.

Following Hurricane Irma, Mr. Ward drove over six (6) hours from his home in central Florida to my home in the Lower Florida Keys. He then performed a complete inspection of my property, taking detailed measurements and numerous photos, which he then used to prepare a comprehensive report detailing the damage to my home, as well as a detailed estimate of the costs to repair my home. Mr. Ward then filed a claim on my behalf with Citizens and worked diligently with the various Citizens Claims Adjusters to ensure Citizens agreed with Mr. Ward’s assessment, as well as that of an independent Structural Engineer that I had hired to further assess the damage to my home.

Mr. Ward also assisted me in filing a claim with Citizens under the “Personal Property” provision under “Property Coverage’s”. Citizens paid a reasonable amount under this provision, including packing, moving and twelve (12) months worth of off-site storage of household items not damaged by Hurricane Irma. Citizens later paid an additional amount to move these items to my new home.

My home was completely demolished in March 2018. Mr. Ward filed a claim with Citizens for removal of the debris from the demolition. Citizens paid 100% of the amount stated in the claim.

 Mr. Ward later filed an additional claim with Citizens under the “Ordinance or Law” provisions of my policy to recuperate expenses I paid to completely replace the foundation and concrete columns, as they no longer met the current Building Codes of Monroe County. As noted above, Citizens reimbursed the maximum allowable amount under the policy for these mandatory updates to my home. As a result, I believe my new home will be far more safe and secure from damages from future windstorms, as the new foundation and columns are far more rigid, using higher quality steel and concrete, than those in my older home.

For his work, Mr. Ward received a 10% fee on the amounts paid by Citizens for the “Dwelling” and “Ordinance or Law” coverage as well as the Debris Removal. I consider this fee to most reasonable, considering the amount of time and effort Mr. Ward spent in pursuit of these various claims. In addition, Mr. Ward very kindly waived his fee on the “Loss of Use” coverage, as this amount was used for my temporary living expenses until my new home was completed. Mr. Ward also very kindly waived his fee on the “Personal Property” amount paid by Citizens under “Property Coverage’s”.

 I commend Mr. Ward for his diligence and hard work, his professionalism, and his kindness throughout the entire process. I highly recommend him to anyone in a similar situation, as he will do his utmost to ensure they will received the maximum possible payouts by Citizens or any other wind insurance company.

 Karl Klew,
Summerland Key

Hey David,

 "We suffered extensive damage to our home from hurricane Irma. After we filed a claim, our insurance company decided they didn't want to pay so I immediately called David. Even though David had substantial damage to his own home from Irma, he came out right away and wrote up a report and started working hard from day one. David communicated well throughout the process, and worked tirelessly to get the insurance company to pay. I'm pleased to report that the insurance company did end up paying and our home is now restored to the way it was before the storm. Some insurance companies in Florida really try to push homeowners around and delay, underpay or not pay at all, which is extremely frustrating. When situations like that arise you need someone like a rhino who fights hard for you, never gives up, and makes them pay. David Ward is that rhino."

 Daniel Myers
Lake Placid, FL


After Hurricane Irma our home was destroyed. When we turned to our insurance company, their first offer was not even enough to replace the roof. Even though water had and was still pouring into the home they said all we needed was to steam clean the carpets. This is when a builder friend referred us to David Ward and Rhino Insurance Claim. Within weeks David had our insurance company agree that the house was a near total loss along with contents. We recovered considerably more from insurance than if we had gone it alone with no further headaches and lost sleep.

Ronald J. Walther


Dear Mr. Ward;

                I'm writing to thank you for your work on my Hurricane Irma insurance claim.

The insurance company paid us quickly, but we quickly discovered that they grossly underpaid.

We decided to use your services to get some help and help you did! You accurately explained the process to us, fought on our behalf, and successfully negotiated a much higher claim check.

In our case your efforts were concluded in about a month or so. We couldn’t have asked for a more Professional Public adjuster to fight for us. I'm thankful for your care, attention to detail, knowledge and skills dealing with insurance companies claims.

Thank you from the Browning family!

                                   James BrowningType 

 My experience with Rhino Insurance Claim Solutions (David Ward) was THE BEST!  
They were able to get me $33,000.00 above what the insurance company offered.

 Many thanks!

D Hall

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Rhino Insurance Claim Solutions

During Hurricane Matthew, we had massive damage to our home due to a Live Oak Tree crashing through the roof. As the water started to pour in our home,  we contacted our insurance company. After the storm, a good friend checked on us and highly recommend Rhino Insurance Claims. Our insurance company sent out an adjuster and only spent ½ hour looking around and snapping a few photos. In the meantime, we contacted David Ward with Rhino Insurance Claims and he spent hours at our home taking detailed photos and notes. He then sent us a detailed report that showed all the necessary repairs, the cost of materials and labor. He went to work for us and got us a much larger payout than was originally offered. I highly recommend that you hire the Rhino.

Mike and Adele

New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169


David  Ward is very professional, honest and work hard for his clients and for the insurance companies. 

He has the patience and there is no questions you can't ask him. 

When it comes to being on time he is there. 

David is not afraid to go to battle for you even if your case go to court.

I would recommend David to my entire family and friends. 

After hurricane Irma , without David I would have had to move out of my house,  because the insurance company on wanted to give me just pennies when it cost thousands and thousands of dollars. 

Liz Washington 

After hiring "another" Public Adjuster who brought me from $6,000.00 to $17,000.00 I hired David Ward and Rhino Insurance Claim Solution who "successfully" represented me in a claim against Citizen’s after Hurricane Wilma. I had received the $17,000 from Citizen’s and thought that’s all I’d ever see until I met Dave. He fought for my rights and eventually ended up getting me $75,000. If it weren’t for his knowledge, experience and tenacity, what was rightfully mine would have remained in Citizen’s pocket!


To Whom It May Concern:

As a public adjuster true to his customers, Dave Ward is the man to hire. Not only was I referred to Dave by my neighbors, I did some checking as well. After a great deal of research, I hands down, chose Dave to be my public adjuster. You will be as certain as I was that you will receive the fair and correct amount of dollars for the damages for your home from your home insurance company. Dave Ward is an extremely skillful negotiator for you to any home insurance company. His energetic and powerful integrity and character is profound. He never loses compassion for your needs. I appreciated his kind attention to detail. His years of experience and expertise will make you immediately aware that you chose the right man for the job. All you have to do is sit back and let Dave take over, especially at a price that you will not believe. Don't try to handle the insurance company alone, call Dave Ward for the best results and most dollars back from your insurance company. Dave Ward aspires to excellence, and is a man you know is on your side at all times.


Anne G. from Palm Beach Gardens. Call 561-906-2121 if you have any questions.

My roof sustained damage from Hurricane Wilma which did not become apparent until late in 2008. I reported roof leaks to my insurance company
And they decided to deny my claim.

A friend suggested I call you. I’m glad he did because my call to you was one of the best I ever made. Due to your efforts, my insurance company grudgingly agreed to replace my roof and pay for interior water damage.
Additional payments may be necessary.

Individuals like me have no chance going head-to-head against an insurance company. Mine was glad to accept my $2,000 per year for 15 years, but less accepting of my claim.

The role of a public adjuster is a true consumer advocate. Any attempt or action to curtail or deny the activity of Public Adjusters would be an egregious disservice to the public.

Dan Linvill

David Ward of Rhino Insurance Claims is the only good thing I can think of in relation to my house burning down and the seven months of battling with the insurance company. David Ward was at my house the morning after my fire occurred on a hot South Florida April day following the early morning fire that completed destroyed my 1928 Victoria Park Historic home. This may not seem unique considering five other Public Adjusters showed up to offer their services uninvited, but is unique in that he knew that I had, in my haste and bad judgment, agreed to sign a contract with another adjuster prior to his arrival. 

David sat in the hot yard with my family offering me words of encouragement and educating me about what to expect from the insurance company. He was there when the friendly looking Nationwide fire inspector showed up unannounced and asked me to sign papers to allow her to remove the AC unit for investigation. Dave asked her if there was anything in my policy that required me to allow this critical piece of evidence to be removed. She contacted Nationwide’s attorney and said there was not. Needless to say, I did not sign. Dave sat in the yard for hours while she interrogated me and I was in tears, sure that I had violated something, somewhere and was surely not entitled to be covered. 

The Public Adjuster I initially hired suddenly was unkind, insensitive and no longer available once the papers designating him as my adjuster were signed. I decided to hire David, and have never once regretted it. He has been available every single day over the past seven months to assist, support and represent me. He has helped me remain confident about the insurance company’s obligation to pay and optimistic that my persistence will lead to a positive and appropriate outcome. 

In summary Nationwide Insurance Company’s response to the loss of my home and all of my savings represented in the equity of the house has been atrocious, hideous, obscene, and terribly unjust. At every turn, they have implied and suggested that there was a reason that a fire resulting in the loss of my home would not be covered. That is a story in itself. One very important example of David’s support I will share is related to the “Recorded Statement” with the Friendly appearing investigator. I was so intimidated and distraught after my initial interactions with Nationwide’s investigator, that I was literally terrified and in tears at the thought of completing a recorded statement a few days following the fire. I stayed up to the early morning hours on countless occasions researching court cases and articles on insurance and sent each one to Dave. He discussed these issues with me and constantly and consistently told me to “calm down” and reminded me that unless I personally lit a match and purposely set my house on fire, that I was COVERED by the insurance company for the full value of my policy. Needless to say, he sat by my side as I gave my statement and I survived. Having Dave’s reassurance has meant the world to me. He successfully retrieved the full face value of the policy. 

He is still assisting me in the seventh month following the fire to help me recover the additional coverage purchased from Nationwide for but have not received. I HIGHLY recommend without reservation having David Ward of Rhino Insurance Claims represent you in ANY dealings with insurance Clams.

M. R.
Director of Research and Planning
Broward Regional Health Planning Council 

David Ward and Rhino Insurance Claim Solutions was the best thing that could have happened to use. We are a working middle class couple who could not afford to fix up our house after the hurricane. Our insurance claimed we did not have enough damage to qualify for a new roof, yet it leaked every time it rained. David came in and with his help we were able to get the money from our insurance and put on a new roof and gutters. We don't have to worry about the ceiling collapsing every time it rains now. Thanks to David we now feel safe in our home.

R. & C. M. Margate, FL

Mr. Ward from Rhino Insurance Claim Solutions was very professional throughout the process of my claim. He was very dedicated and hard working, in other words his services were excellent. From $0 to the policy limits!

RS Sunrise, fl

I wanted to thank you again for representing me against Citizens Insurance. As you know, I was able to recover close to $10K initially from Citizens after Hurricane Wilma. However, that still was not enough to cover my roof damages as well as my fence. I was unsuccessful in recovering any additional money over the next year. After hiring you as my public adjuster; what I wasn't able to do in 12 months, you were able to accomplish in 4 weeks. In addition to recovering money for my roof and fence, you were able to increase my initial payout by revisiting the number and getting me a more realistic replacement value for many items. Increasing my total payout from Citizens to over $20K.

I have learned a very valuable lesson in this whole ordeal. And that is, you must pay your insurance every year in full without exceptions. But when it comes time to collect on your insurance, the insurance company doesn't want to pay for all the fine print in the policy. I am confident that having someone like yourself that knows the proper channels/protocols are easily able to recover what is due to me. I am sure everything paid out to me was owed to me in my policy, although Citizens tried to deny or down play many items. It's nice to know their Companies like Rhino Insurance claims to stick up for individuals with small claims like myself.


R. O.
Integrity Medical
Exclusive Distributor of NuVasive 

My husband and I survived Hurricane Wilma. We had damage and followed all the rules for our insurance claim. It took 2 months for an adjuster (from out-of-state) to assess the damage to our home in Tamarac, FL. Our insurance was with Florida Select now out of business. When we received our claim check, less $2200 deductible, it was for $6200.00 and this didn't even cover the internal damage to our home.

We contacted David Ward and he immediately came to our home and re-assessed the damage. He took complete control and made everything clear to us on how he would represent us. David was able to acquire $17,000.00 more; the quote for our patio alone was $8,500 to replace. Would I use David again, you bet. He is a very knowledgeable and professional

I would strongly recommend anyone contact him immediately if they feel cheated by their insurance company because they probably were. He has a Five Star Rating with us for sure.

D. R. & E. E. W.
Tamarac, FL.